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get a better financing rate!

Do you need auto financing to get yourself into the car of your dreams? Does your company need financing for vehicles? Don’t have the credit rating to get approved? If you are stuck in a situation like this you are not alone. Thousands of Americans have the same problem.

We can help! We at CREDITSCRUBS.COM are here to help you achieve your dreams.

We offer top-notch services for our valued clients to help them get the auto financing 
they need. We do this by helping you improve your credit rating. The process is simple, once our credit experts analyze a copy of your credit reports we will identify the areas of improvement!

We will clean up the questionable/negative marks from your reports quickly so you can apply or re-apply for your auto loan. The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate you will get which could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the term of an auto loan.


There are many other factors that lead to the rate you get for an auto loan. In summary, the lender decides the rate using these:


Vehicle Age: The older the car, the higher the financing rate.


Credit score: The credit score is obviously a major player when it comes to your car financing.


Debt-to-income ratio: The ration of debt to your income.


Financing period: The time duration of repayment.


Institutional relationship: A good relation with the financing institution pays.


Down payment: The larger the capital you invest directly the more advantageous.


Auto financing can be difficult for people with a low credit score because car vendors’
are wary of consumers who might default on a payment on their cars. It can mean two things. One, you can be rejected by good reputable vendors. Secondly, even if you are not declined, as a customer you will be charged a hire rate due to the risk the vendor takes by leasing or selling the car to you. Neither option is good for you as the end consumer. Also remember to beware of companies that hunt for customers with sub-prime credit scores – because they will hit you with alarming fees and extremely high interest rates.


This is where we come in. We help you shed the bad credit and get the financing rate you want.


Why do you need us?  We have years of experience in this field. We can know the credit laws. We know how to get the negative items removed and get you approved for your loan.


The truth is that you can try to dispute with the credit agencies on your own, but the time and effort that we save will be worth our small monthly fee. Let us do the hard work while you relax and reap the profits in the comforts of your new lavish BMW.


A great credit score is usually considered to be 750 or above. Paying your monthly bills and other loans on time will help you maintain or increase your score. A good credit rating can get you approved for your loan and get you a financing rate for your car that will be easier on your wallet.


Lenders will typically give the lowest possible interest rates to buyers with very high credit scores. If you consider using our services before buying or leasing a new car, we promise you will not regret the decision


Our company has helped many new car owners to get into the car of their dreams.

If you have questions or would like to speak with a credit specialist, contact us today for a free no obligation review of your situation to see how we can help.


                                       WE MAKE YOUR CAR BUYING DREAMS A REALITY!