Credit Education

Are you being declined or rebuffed for home loans, automobiles, refinancing, or even gas cards? 
Are you drained and humiliated by the regular calls from creditors harassing you? Have they lowered your credit limit? Or are you being charged a more interest rate than the usual or any foreclosure?

Millions of Americans endure negative score in the credit history since they stumble hard to break away from credit problems and control their finances responsibly. Such a situation may thwart the user of obtaining new credit at the time they need it the most. Mostly people learn the hard way, if you’ve maintained a good credit profile awaiting an unforeseen circumstance like medical problem, divorce prohibiting you to make a installments on time. Truth being that most of them struggle hard to meet their commitments but the funds coming in simply doesn't meet the bills to be paid. The worst it gets when people are strained into foreclosure. Reasons to this can be many, mainly due to inadequate experience in handling finances, past credit problems that builds a negative credit report or lack of education or proper information about setting a budget.

Limited or insufficient credit knowledge is the main concern for those who are continuously in stress with their debts or obligations. Therefore, those who are in need of help or otherwise even, it is extremely important to avail credit education or financial coaching. This will not just enable you to repair credit problems but manage debts and build a financial budget with proper knowledge achieved.

With SCORECURE all your credit problems get solved preparing you to have a bright and optimistic financial future. We aim to empower you with the wisdom clearly being lacking in current time. Our Credit Education program will guide you on how to create a budget that works well with your income. This education will ensure financially savvy and self-sufficient customers who would not require the assistance of government to secure him from voracious lending, since he will already be smart enough to make out such risks on his own. The financial education will not only put a stop to the ostensible mortgage meltdown but as well lead to reduced overall credit obligations. This reduction in debts would consecutively, increases way of thinking, self-confidence and self-rule in every individual that is a must in the present day and age.

Financial Education is intended to help the individuals to obtain a better understanding of their own financial assets in addition to how will they function in the bigger picture of the financial system of the nation as a whole. With an ongoing recessionary drift largely caused by the unprofessional handling or mismanagement of credit, gaining a good education in finance management is the key objective here. Credit Considerations are advantageous part of gaining the financial coaching as it would protect one's credit profile.

How do we work?

With commitment to accuracy and great customer service, our company provides the perfect credit and financial solutions to all your problems. With more than 15 years of experience in the financial and credit repair industries, we practice a simple three-step process sequentially to assist you in accomplishment of your credit objectives. It all begins with an appointment with our credit advisor; who will have a detailed discussion about your credit situation. While getting a better understanding of your situation we will also analyze your credit reports. Think of this as a forensic audit of your credit reports, which will identify all of the possible errors, violations, and areas of improvement.

It is important to understand that the credit bureaus have an obligation to stay compliant with several laws and regulations. One of the main federal laws is the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). The laws require the credit bureaus to report 100% accurately, they must be verifiable, and report timely. Also they must do an actual investigation upon receiving a dispute of questionable information. Unfortunately we find that the credit bureaus often automate or outsource their work which typically violates the law. In fact, a study done by the PIRG (the Public Interest Research group) revealed that more than 79% of credit reports were found to have error(s) on them! We use these violations to help our clients! We dispute the “questionable” information in efforts to remove it, just as you would fight a speeding ticket that had a mistake on it showing you were going 25 mph over the speed limit when you were only going 15 mph over the limit! Although you were speeding, the mistake on the ticket would cause you to get fined or acquire more points on your license in error!

After assessment of your credit details, our Score Cure credit experts will represent you to the credit bureaus, creditors, and/or collections companies to help you get the best results.