Experian’s Data Breach

October 06, 2015 / 435


If you have recently sent in your credit reporting information to T-Mobile for a new phone, watch out! The credit reporting bureau that helps T-Mobile decide on payment plans, Experian, has recently experienced a major information leak. The leak, which was caused by a social engineering attack, has impacted about 15 million people, all of whom had applied for T-Mobile post-payment plans. In short, it's being nicknamed the T-Mobile data breach. 


Important information that was leaked included names, addresses, social security numbers, as well as driver’s license numbers. This is more than enough information to be used for a serious identity theft crime, and that means that those who were leaked are at a heightened risk for ID theft. Those who have been the victims of identity theft before, as well as those who have read up on identity theft, might already realize how big of a problem this is. Unhindered and undetected identity theft can potentially impact your credit score, as well as your ability to get a loan in the future.


You might be affected by this major bureau leak if you had recently applied for a new T-Mobile phone. The good news is that both T-Mobile and Experian are working to make sure that things are taken care of as well as possible. Those who have had their data breached will be able to get free credit monitoring from Experian, which will in turn be able to curtail any fraudulent behavior that ID thieves may try out. It's certain that T-Mobile will give people who were affected a notification as well. 


Even if you weren’t one of the people who got caught in the breach, this should prove to you the importance of keeping your credit score in check. Even credit bureaus can be hacked, and even the biggest of companies can have security breeches that put you at risk for fraudulent marks on your credit report. You should never have to think that you need to put up with a bad mark that you didn't deserve, and by law, you have the right to dispute and remove negative marks. 

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