How Hard Is It To Get Approved For A Discover Card?​

September 25, 2015 / 469


Discover often has a similar prestige to American Express, and depending on which card you choose, it could also be a card that lends itself to a slew of benefits. Most people also will associate Discover with quality customer service, higher credit limits, and overall ease of use. Understandably, it’s a coveted card. However, with all those benefits comes a little bit of exclusivity. How hard is it to get approved for a Discover card, anyway? We decided to find out.

The Minimum Credit Score For A Discover Card Varies

There’s not just one Discover Card. They have Discover IT cards, Discover Student cards, as well as a number of other very popular offerings. For this article, we’re going to look at their most prestigious card, the Discover IT. With the Discover IT card, clients get double their cash back, a slick 0% introductory APR, an instant freeze option, and no annual fee.

A good rule of thumb when dealing with any kind of credit card application is that you can almost always bet that the more advantageous the card is, the higher the credit score will have to be. This rule definitely stays true for the standard Discover IT card, which requires a minimum of a 650 credit score for approval. The average approved score for a Discover IT card is much higher, at 708.

The good news is that there are versions of the Discover IT card that do allow for a lower minimum credit score. The Discover IT Chrome for Students will approve people with an average score of around 632. The lowest score allowed for that card is 432, however that card might only be a viable option for students at this time. They have a similar card for adults by the name of Discover It Chrome card, and the lowest score they’ll accept for that one is 645.

There Are Other Factors To Credit Card Approval

If you have a higher than average credit score, it’s important to realize that there are other factors that can lead to credit card rejection aside from score alone. Things such as having a lower than average income, or even something as simple as not having a long history of using credit can lead to rejection.

So, even if you are around the average score level for approval, you shouldn’t assume that you’ll get approved for a Discover card. The best way to up your chances of getting a Discover card is, plain and simple, to improve your credit score.

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