If you want to secure a bright and happy financial future then without further ado you should take the first step towards your goal by rebuilding and repairing your credit. With more than a decade of experience in credit repairing we offer personalized credit rebuilding services for our customers so that they have a bright financial scenario.

All you need to do is visit our website and sign up and the process of your credit repairing will take effect immediately. You will be required to pull the credit report from the Equifax, Experian and Transunion which are the 3 major bureaus since if someone else pulls the credit report then it could lead to a negative impression. Next you need to send the report to our experts who will start the process of analysis so that there is no chance of any miscalculation or fake information. There is a good possibility that your report will consist of some kind of error since 

more than 79% of reports contain errors. Our professionals will minutely review all the aspects of your credit report starting with your name right up to your earliest credit history. After carefully reviewing your credit report our staff will start to talk about the problematic items with your creditor and inform them of the errors contained in the report and try to persuade them to remove the questionable items. As mentioned in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the credit bureaus are bound to go through our letters and respond to them.

Credit Bureaus will read and respond to the letters that we send them so that we will send you all the correspondence and letters. You all also keep track of those correspondences all the time of the day by logging in our website. It’s us who will be conducting all the communications on behalf of you, with your creditor. So all you need to do is entrust the job to us and sit back and wait for the results. After the creditors remove all the questionable items from the report we will be receiving updates which you can track on your website. The result will be visible in a few months time when you will be able to see the result on your credit report.

Our customer care executives will keep you updated about the items being removed and other changes from the report. However one has to keep in mind the process is a slow and time taking one since we will be sending many rounds of letters and you might not get the desired letters right after the first round. But you can be rest assured to see the results you were hoping for after the second or third round. After the completion of the process and the removal of the negative or the questionable items, one can start to restore new credit. Thus you can start rebuilding and restoring your finances and once again get back on the track. By resolving all the questionable items from the credit report our experts will present you with an absolute financial freedom and peace of mind which you have never experienced before.

Our effective disputing process will let you see the results on the credit report within a few months. Apart from removing disputable items some customers also require to re-establish their credit. We can help them by providing different resources to do that. Our experienced staff may aid you in getting a strong credit line and a secured card. We will also explain to you the pitfalls of credit repairing and the things to avoid while rebuilding the credit report. We will ensure that you don’t max out your cards and that the mistakes you made are not repeated in the future. There are many instances when collection amounts which go unpaid have been sold to a different collection agency and reappear on your credit report. Our staff will explain you how to avoid these kinds of mishaps. Therefore think no more and avail our services to secure a happy financial future.

Our team at Score Cure works round the clock and strives to secure the goals of our customers. Our work ethics demand that we maintain a direct and open communication with you all the times. Be sure to count on our transparency, honesty and work efficiency which we put at top priority to help resolve all your credit and financial worries.

A good and respectful relationship with our client is our top priority and our support team will support you with all the help you need via phone, chat, emails or ticketing.